From Bristol With Love 1st Episode

Here is the 1st Episode of From Bristol With Love, presented by Dick Gherkin and DurstonFletcher. We cover Stokes Croft Riots, Local Football/Fifa, Care Homes and the general Bumbling going on.

Click on one of the links below to listen. Enjoy.




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4 responses to “From Bristol With Love 1st Episode

  1. smithy

    this should be broadcast to a wider audience … I might do it

  2. Enjoyed the show, good stuff. I’ve heard Durston Fletcher has a face for radio.

    Keep an ear out as Bristol AF are going to test out their radio presenting abilities in the very near future!

  3. Billie Cwtch

    Nice show fellas! A wide range of rambling topics , from fighting the police, whistle blowing within the care system, a touch on how homophobia is actually gay , hatred for Di Canio and an Ayn Rand and Wal-e comparison. BOY! was it a rollercoaster.
    If I believed in the gods, a glorious west country accent they would posess… yeah, I think thats about right.

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