From Bristol With Love 2nd Episode

Here is the 2nd Episode of From Bristol With Love, presented by Dick Gherkin and DurstonFletcher.

The week we cover Drugs, The NHS, UWE Stadium, What’s On and all the bumblings inbetween.

 Click on one of the links below to listen. Enjoy.



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4 responses to “From Bristol With Love 2nd Episode

  1. Steve

    You fucking funny bastards. Love it. ‘I got a few white ones but I don’t give a fuck’. LOLS.

  2. “You cannot go 1 mile wiuhtot either hitting an enomorous pothole or getting stuck in a detour”__________________________________Well gee 2:25 PM, ever think that maybe there are detours because they’re fixing the potholes? They’re also working on route 72 and will soon begin working on Main St. Bristol is coming back to life and it’s a great place to live. Too bad you can’t pull your head out of your rectum long enough to see it.

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