From Bristol With Love 7

This weeks show!

Interview with Noel West  from south Bristol (City fan, rioter and all round top boy), gorillas going missing in Bristol, Local LibDem declaring war on supermarkets (supermarché for our French listeners), Gas Talk (Catalan Rovers fans) , What’s On, Music from some of Bristol top artists anda FBWL Exclusive Local Copper is Reg off the Bill!

All this and more

Listen now on links below

Podcast Here



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3 responses to “From Bristol With Love 7

  1. Anonymous

    loved the show but, the version of world destruction missed the john rotten words which are essential to the song. so put it on again or there will be trouble

  2. Aaarrhh, some plan need to be set in place for when ye Gas visit Di Canio an his motley crew. Mayhaps, gather crew through ye recordin’s for ye grand caper? Harharrhh!

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