George Ferguson supports Riots!


Mayor of Bristol ‘Gorgeous’ George Ferguson was in Easton last night discussing last weeks Thatchers dead party with local residents. In the discussion George said Bristol should be famous for its unconventional side and not riots, adding: “Riot. But in the right way.”

Is George saying The Bristol Bridge riot, Old Market riot and Queen Square riots are fine?

But things like the Hartcliffe riot, Southmead riot and the Knowle West riot aren’t?

Where is the line drawn? What if I was doing a riot and thinking ”It’s ok. This is the sort riot George would like”. Then the next day I have have my face plaster over the evening post with the word ‘SCUM’ underneath it.


I don’t wanna think I’m doing a good riot, only to do a bad one.

Maybe George could tell us the riots he’s done that were good. Just to give us some clarity.







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One response to “George Ferguson supports Riots!

  1. I’m assuming he likes any riot that makes Bristol seem cool and edgy (and profitable!) but not any that seems like it may be repeated or scare away tourists and artists.
    Perhaps he could call a one off never to be repeated city wide riot, but to ensure no ‘lethal’ force was used supply the cities population with bottles and half bricks that had been coated in rubber, much like the bullets public order police are fond of.
    The following day the canteen could start serving ‘riot memorial breakfasts’ to the hip kids, and the tobacco factory could do a series of plays about the riots for the hip kids parents. A thriving cottage industry could crop up selling faux-banksy Tshirts and mugs about GeorgeRiot ’13. Bristols increased infamy would attract edgy comedians and poets to the colston hall where they could shout about what its like to be disenfranchised and downtrodden in a big city, to a middle class audiance who mostly laugh at the slang.
    Seeing as he wouldn’t want the kids to be left out, and they’d be pretty board after he helped decimate youth services and playground provision, I’m sure a kids GeorgeRiot ’13 playclub could be run for some incredibly affordable price like £42.

    George: If you’re interested get in touch and ask about our ‘riot consultancy’ services, reasonable fees etc etc.

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