From Bristol With Love – No. 44

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Dick goes to Burnham, Durston goes “brown-stargazing”!


Gus Hoyt (champion of The True Community of St Pauls) vs Passion FM and the Star & Garter: We know which side of his “divide and rule” tactic FBWL is on!


“I’m not a knicker-sniffer I’m the kncker-sniffer’s son, I’m only sniffing knickers till ….. my Russian wife comes back from Rekjavik”


Cops take ‘restorative justice’ on a 13yr boy with learning difficulties, as ‘Big Gregory’ applauds from the Bristol Post comments.


And for the final section – Gas Talk returns! Report on the Scunthorpe game (a sighting of a Terrace Rat on the Blackthorn) and we look forward to the return of ‘orrible whistle’ Chris Zebroski and the mayhem of Newport away on Saturday.


And where else would we end but with Rickie Lambert’s England Goal? Kiss our blue and white quartered faces! Plus Dick engages in some anarcho-friendly power-neutral Scotch-baiting, which appalls Durston so much he slits his own throat with a Puma zip!


Music from Phaeleh (feat Jess Mills), The Drawing of the 3, and The Cadbury Sisters

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From Bristol With Love – No.43


Click here to listen From Bristol With Love – No.43

On this weeks show

*Dicks’s feed back from BRFC Fun Day
*Its a boy! Baby George (other babies are available)
*The differing view of a Monarchist and a Republician
*COP NEWS – PC Blakelock and ”causing fear of unlawful violence”
*This weeks Whats On? A local festival round up
The Harbour Festival
Ldubstock Buy Tickets Here
Fake Festival Buy Tickets Here
-Cloud cuckoo landBuy Tickets Here
*And all your usual new and gossip

Local music from Joker feat Buggsy (Redlight Remix), The Barbarian Invasion and Smerins Anti-Social Club feat Dizraeli.

Click here to listen From Bristol With Love – No.43


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Keyword Zummrrzzzz in Blooom! Why not get into the garden and let FBWL be the soundtrack to your BBQ or al fresco funtime!


Report back on St Pauls Festival/Carnival!


Bristol Council survey shows Bristolians are happy, and so are Durston and Dick!


But hold the Front Page for the latest Bristol Post SHOCK REVELATION about the summer heatwave!


Green Rolex’s – Durston highlights the poison party pills, and how greed and capitalism effs up even a good night out. Durston wants rough justice!


And finally, after a long off-season – GAS TALK is back! New away kit, pre-season friendlies, Fun Day on the 21st July, and get ready for Newport Away! UTG!


Music from Reef, Three Kings High and Cardinal

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From Bristol With Love #41

To listen click here – From Bristol With Love 41

On this weeks show-

* Dick talks about Bristol city centre’s Car-Free Sunday
* St Paul’s Festival prep work
* Local woman & penis vs man
* Louis Theroux impersonator in Somerset
* MAYOR WATCH (Your run down of George Fergusons latest cock ups)
* Giant White Jesus in the ass end of Bristol
* Festival Reviews and insider critique
* As well as all your local news and gossip

Music from Bristol stars – Redlight, The Qeld and Dub Mafia & Buggsy

To listen click here – From Bristol With Love 41

FBWL 40th Show

Click here to listen to From Bristol With Love 40

We’re 40, we’re feeling naughty, so apologies to Durston’s mum, there’s a lot of swearing!

KaPow! Special Guest for the Special Show in the shape of “Page 7 Fella” Noel West, who talks about Hartcliffe memories (and othe riots).

Dick’s not impressed with the sightseeing bus, Durston’s denied a late night party and ends up bothered by Badge Man, and the Great Debate: IS Cheddar Gorge the Eigth Wonder of World, and what the f**k are the other Seven??!

Also, welcome to the Team our new soundman Silent Bob!

With Special Anniversary Music from the FBWL “Platinum Club” – Qeld, Clayton Blizzard and Spanner!
Click here to listen to From Bristol With Love 40

From Bristol With Love 39

Click here to listen From Bristol With Love 39

On this weeks show

-It’s PC gone mad at Gloucester’s annual cheese-rolling
Bristol Academy in FA Cup final
-Charlotte Leslie MP Look alike
-Millionaire Mayor of Bristol Geogre Ferguson round up
*Eff Off Gate
*Residents Parking Zones
-The EU In or Out discussion
-As well as all you usual local news and gossip

We also play local tacks from Split Prophets, Breach and Watt Tyler

Click here to listen From Bristol With Love 39

From Bristol with Love 38

To listen click here (From Bristol with Love 38)

On this weeks show –

 *Weston Super Mare Ghostbusters – Volunteers wanted – and loads more things that go POW in the night!

*Bristol Local Elections – Byebye Dr Daycare, Hello the Feral Beast of Snuff Mills!

*A guide to London Gangs

*Dick Gherkin exposes UKIP Shallow Thinking! #fact!

*Durston talks Ketamine – Fibrosis-of-the-bladdertastic!

*We got T-shirts! Geddem!

And local music from Dr Meaker, Ian Beef and Gonga!

To listen click here (From Bristol with Love 38)

And for more info on Ketamine see Bristol Drugs Project Or MMAGIK

From Bristol With Love #37

You can listen to the latest show by clicking here

On this weeks show –

*Durston Fletcher ‘interviews’ Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson before George gets tea bagged.
*Katie Hopkins a drain on the state
*The results of the TShirt Competition
*Bristolain star Patty the Donkey makes it famous
*A round up of who’s standing in the local election (Thursday 2nd of May)
*International listeners
*And all your usual local news and gossip

Music from locals This is the kit, Babel and Mr Fantastic, Rola & Dr Krome

You can listen to the latest show by clicking here

From Bristol With Love 36

Listen Here – From Bristol With Love 36

Maggie Memorial Special!

The Sickening Shame of of the West Country, Dick Gherkin and Durston Fletcher, celebrate the passing of a tyrant in typical FBWL fashion, with added expertise and wisecracks from Bristol Radical Historian Mr Snuff!

Why Thatcher was a proper nause, including all her best bits – Chilean mass murderers, Section 28, NHS Trusts, the destruction of community and the deregulation that led us to 30 years of hell past, with 30 years of poverty to look forward to!

Easton Maggie Party – first hand accounts of a lovely party that got crashed by ‘outside elements’, dressed in riot gear!

Why riots and ‘sickening celebrations’ are all part of Bristol’s radical history!

Why Harry Redknapp needs to get out of London more, and we confirm Fascist Paolo Di Canio is a ‘bugiardo di merda’.

And finally a bit of Gas Talk, as we lick our lips in preparation for City’s relegation – mind the gap!

This week we play The Beat and local bands The Hit Ups and Three Kings High

Listen Here – From Bristol With Love 36


From Bristol With Love #35

Click here to listen – From Bristol With Love 35#

On this weeks show-

-Vordeman’s wonderbra or Gherkins clackers

-Durston hearts Huckabee (happy birthday Tom!)

-Dick goes on holiday to Cotham

-Local woman gives birth to a 15lb baby

-Community Payback (do YOU need a ditch cleared?)

-GASTALK (Bristol Rovers round up)

-And a visit from Constable’s scratch and sniff.

Music from K*ners, Gravenhurst & Kilnaboy

Click here to listen – From Bristol With Love 35#


From Bristol With Love #34


POW! Click here to listen to From Bristol With Love #34

The Run DMC of East Bristol are back!

On this weeks show

-Durston’s trip to Bedminster

The Bristolian (Dicks not in it)

-George ‘never mind the quantity, feel the quality’ Ferguson and Gus Hoyt looking busy

-We relax into a soothing end to Bristol Rovers’s season

-And all your usual local news and gossip.

-Local music from QELD, Se Fire and Koan Sound

Click here to listen to From Bristol With Love #34


From Bristol with Love #33

Click Here to Listen

On this weeks show –

*Ben Fogle claims his drink was spiked in Gloucestershire

*Council split over Mini Golf in Weston

*MAYOR WATCH – Local Cuts
– The shambles that is Bristol’s BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) plan
– The back track on East Bristol Swimming Pool
– Pointless PCSO’s

* Vegfest’s love of the 90′s

*GASTALK (Bristol Rovers round up) this week featuring the Easton Cowgirls

*And all your usual local news and gossip

Local Music from

Humb, Towns and The Other Tribe

Click Here to Listen


From Bristol with Love 32

Listen here –  From Bristol with Love 32

On this weeks show –

Bristol Snow Balling!

Bath women takes dog to hospital to witness her labour

Drug dealing on Gloucester Road

Durston Fletcher ‘have a go hero’

Mayor watch (Round up of what George Ferguson & Sue Mountstevens have been up to)

Gas Talk (Bristol Rovers catch up)

Local music from

Conrad Watts & Rola,  Danny Byrd Feat Mc Ricky  and  Oh91 Feat Daniella Zamparelli.

Listen here –  From Bristol with Love 32


From Bristol With Love #31

You can listen to From Bristol With Love 31 – Here

On this weeks show we have

*Dick and Durstons Holiday Round Up
*Local footballer scores an amazing hat trick
*Womens Football
*MAYOR WATCH (George Ferguson’s budget and the Bristol Anti Cuts Alliance stats)
*The Evening Post Guide of Best Place’s to Live
*Gas Talk (UWE Stadium, Recent fixtures and the Blackthorn End)
*And all your usual local news and gossip

An all star Bristol line up with music from

My Bad Sister,




If hear more from Jack Hill you can download his track here.

You can listen to From Bristol With Love 31 – Here


From Bristol With Love 30

You can listen here From Bristol With Love (show 30)

POW Show 30! Short Notice! No Internet!

On this weeks show…

But still the best yet? YOU decide!

It’s Christmas!

The Madness of that German Market down broadmead

Census nonsense (Dick falls into the Leftie Trap),

Durstons Top 3 NYE nights out,

Mayorwatch (MV Ferguson rides the short bus up Gloucester Rd)

Bristol Rovers: a Plea to the Players. (We! Want! Goals!)

And all your usual Bristol news and gossip
Music from Andy Weatherall / Donna Summer

And locals artists



Steve Gough ft Kelz & Rola

You can listen here From Bristol With Love (show 30)


From Bristol With Love 29

Pow! This weeks From Bristol With Love features

*Ostrich/Emu on the loose in the West Country
*Crackers Cliftonite ”Lord” tries religious bigamy and fails
*MAYOR WATCH – Georges plans for his mates hall, Labour gets told they can’t play with the other bellends
*Local Royal Mail strike (will Father Christmas scab?)
*Bristol Dubstep
*Workfair, Atos and Cuts
*Gas Talk (Bristol Rovers Round Up)
*Durston musical nothing
* Bristol Xmas Lights

Local music from Day One, Se Fire and Joker.

And all your usual local news and gossip.



From Bristol with Love #28

Listen here

Come drown your sorrows with the “independent” FBWL lads after MV George Ferguson’s victory for “The 1%”

We pick over the bones of the Mayor and PCC elections, and launch our new regular “Mayorwatch” slot. Durston’s mad at Massive Attack and calls for his Weston Laser Sword, while Dick harks back to Woofs & Wags as he waits for the overdue Social Revolution.

Plus Gas Talk, Bristol Rovers Snowboarding Club and loads loads more!

Music from Qeld, Clayton Blizzard, and Johnny Dollar.

Listen here


From Bristol with Love 27

Click here to listen

On this weeks show we have…
-Durston Fletcher’s poor mans Movember
-Follow up news on Bristol Ice Rink
-Review of The Coup gig
-Boris johnson comes to bristol (and doesn’t get egged)
-MAYORAL CANDIDATES !!! (We judge the proverbial book by the cover)
-Gas Talk (Bristol Rovers round up)
-UFO spotted over Bristol
-and all the usual local news and gossip

Music from The Coup

And Local Music from Suchy La, Smith and Mighty, Murder of Crows

Click here to listen


From Bristol with Love 26

Click here to listen

The Brizzle Boyz ‘r back!
Durston’s got cholera, Dick’s no One Nation Tory, Bristol Mayor and Mad Mike Norton’s Merchant Venturers, fart Class War, crazy Yuppie baiting dreams, plus all the Rovers news from the last month, including THAT chant!

Its all From Bristol, with Love!

Featuring local music from Parlour Talk, Skimmity Hitchers and KOAN project.

Click here to listen


From Bristol With Love #25

Click here to listen

On this weeks show

* All the important horse news from Bristol Evening Post

*”Who named that baby?” (Odd baby and dog names)

* Bristol Mayor!

* Naked Royals, headless monarchs and strip cribbage

* Oxford educated, plum in the mouth, MP for Kingswood Chris Skidmore talks about British workers work work ethic. Bit rich.

*Gas Talk (Bristol Rovers round up)

And loads more local news and gossip.

With music from locals

Redlight, Ben Maggs and Aspects.

Click here to listen


From Bristol with Love 24

Listen here

And weeee’re baaack!
A (nearly) rant-free happy show this time,

  • with news from Cloud Cuckoo Land,
  • the Curious Case of the Painting Donkey,
  • Bristol Mayor mayhem as we welcome Great Friend of the Show Don “Dr Daycare” Rogers into the race!
  • Bigger Boys make Labour police candidate withdraw from the race,
  • Gas Talk!
  • and why it pays to be a copper in the ganja game.
  • Music from local outfits Seasfire, Gravenhurst and the indomitable Clayton Blizzard!
  • Enjoy!

Click here to listen


From Bristol With Love #23

 To listen click here

On this weeks show we have –

Updates on Bristol MAYOR! Marvin Rees, Tim Collins, Daniella Radice.

Brisfest (The New Line Up).

The shocking news that PC Harwood got off his manslaughter charge.


The EDL dragged their mates from Lutton for a walk across a bridge.

Gas Talk (Bristol Rovers, UWE Stadium and the friendly derby).

And lots more local news and gossip.

Opening song Coma Cat by Tensnake

And Local Music from






To listen click here


From Bristol With Love 22

From Bristol with Love 22, the show of a thousand rants!

In this episode we have updates on the Bristol Mayor,

the lunacy of the healing powers of a local church,

the shallow thinking of commenters,

the euros,

lots of lovely little rants,

the beauty of summer raving,

and lots of local news and gossip.

Music from Dj Fresh and A ha and local bands Towns and Mayans.

To listen click on the link below. Enjoy!


From Bristol with Love Show 21

Click Here to Listen

Show 21 for you to enjoy, from your Quasi-Official Comedy Partner to the Bristol Mayor elections!

Featuring Durston’s non-scrage, McCarthyite train-rage, all the latest Bristol Mayor shenannegins, Westmoreland House and Weston Pier, Gas Talk debates Lewis Carey’s (fake?) derby, and why the dog ate the bonehead EDL’s homework!

Featuring music from Bob Marley

and local music from  Koan Sound, Baby Dub, plus Dodge & Fuski!

All that fitted in 55 mins! How?! Sodom-knows!


Durston Fletcher Music Selector #2

This episode has interviews with people who were involved in the Hartcliffe Riots in Bristol, mixed in with some tunes to get you fired up. Enjoy.

To listen click on the link below


From Bristol With Love 20

Join us for Bristol Mayor mayhem (who will be the People’s Candidate?),

a cracking interview with local BRHG historian Wes Ham who separates fact from fantasy about the August Riots,

the ’1 man pitch invasion’ on Gas Talk, and much, much, more!

Music from Erykah Badu, Julio Bashmore, and RSD feat Wilks

Want your track to be played on FBWL? Email us at

Click Here to Listen


From Bristol With Love 19

On this weeks show we have a special guest Dean Forest. He’s from the Forest of Dean and fill us in on everything from ”Who killed the bears” to The Wilderness Centre, Hands Off Our Forest and much, much more.

We cover wannabe Bristol Mayor candidates George Ferguson and Stephen Williams (Yawn).
And shouldbe Bristol Mayor Ian Holloway. Paul Massey is going for Mayor in Salford.

First Bus and the delusions they have about their service.

Gas Talk (Bristol Rovers weekly round up)

The Competition Commission (not a 90s rap group)

And all our usual banter.


We start with Spiritualized by Finley Quaye dedicated to the happy family.

Then local music from Mayans, Djibouti and Mark Steward.

If your in a local band please send your tracks to




From Bristol With Love 18

Show 18

Click here to listen –


Well had a little time away for holidays but we’re back!

So on this weeks show…

The difference between the 80′s generation and the 90′s generation,

How DF’s Holiday went in India,

Local riots (one year on),

St Paul’s Festival,

The Pasty Tax,

Woofs and Wags (TV Review)

Over angry local coppers and Reg off the Bill,

The British Empire and it’s lack of friends,

Gas Talk (Local Football)

And Music from Pat Benatar (Dicks choice), Stuffit and Stantz.


From Bristol with Love #17 – Local Politician Special!

Click Here to Listen!

The Best Show in the business!

Dick’n’Durst bring you a smorgasbord of fun that stretches from Bonnie Tyler’s Skewen to the High Sheriff of Gloucester and back again!

Marvel! at Charlotte Leslie MP’s germanic appreication of council amenities!

Gasp! as a major COMMUNIST SLEEPER CELL is uncovered in the heart of the Conservative Party, led by Bristol MP Chris ‘man of the people’ Skidmore!

Swoon! at the FBWL exclusive with Cllr Jon Rodgers – we get the scoops the Sun dreams of, with not a whiff of phonehacking skullduggery!

Gag! as the EDL kick Graeme Souness in the balls, or the equivalent, in Rochdale!

Scream! “Oh Jesus Christ!” “Fenton!” at the High Sheriff before his killer dog strikes again!

Chuckle! Along with fans favourites Woofs and Wags and the mighty Gas Talk!

Andrew Lansley! TOSSER!

Other music from our goldmine – hyperhot The Hit Ups and Cardiff’s answer to Bonnie Tyler / Bonnie Tyler’s band – efa Supertramp!

See ya after Durston’s holiday, why not use the time to check out our past 16 shows on Mixcloud? On the spot comment from the hottest city during the HOTTEST times!

Click Here to Listen!


From Bristol with Love #16

It’s From Bristol With Love, Show 16!

Featuring a shotgun barber with no sense of perspective, Bristol Council manager on the scam, Durston regresses to being a ’10 a day’ teenager when he takes a week off work, Dick spreads trippy tall stories about the Mendip Transmitter, Gas Talk (with a little Capello Talk thrown in), and the hugely successful and much loved ‘Woofs’n’Wags’ slot makes a very welcome return to review “The 10 O’Clock Show” and Fembot “Coppers”.

Local Music from Yes Sir Boss, Nuala Honan and the Zen Hussies.

Click Here to Listen!


From Bristol With Love #15

Music from Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Suchy La, Empror & Duppy Beatz ft. Buggsy & Splitz P.

On this weeks show.

Appeal to for Lolly Pop Women/Men to help Toads cross the road, New 5p and 10p coins, SCUM!

Local Coppers walk free on racism charges, Cardiff 3 trial folds after police lose evidence then find it.

Bank robbers rob bank. Durstons plan to buy a submarine. Missing burnt out car and stray dogs.Is Dick the man of steel?

Stop Press! Durstons watches 3D Film.

Bristolians do good deeds.

GAS TALK (Bristol Rovers News)

Woofs and Wags (TV View), Sherlock, Bullseye, Sky Arts Bristol Graff.

Will everyone in Bristol go out and do some Graff?

To listen follow link below.


Durston Fletcher Music Selector #1

POW! Here’s Durstons new music show (Durston Fletcher Music Selector).

A bit of talking but mainly music from all over.

To listen click on link below.

On this weeks show Justice, The Klaxons, Beastie Boys, Joy Division, The Four Seasons and many more.

Hope you enjoy. Let us know what you think.


From Bristol With Love #14

To listen to Show 14 click on the following link


Well, we had Noel West back in, so we knew it would be a cracking show, we wanted to make it as happy as possible to shake off the Mid-January blues for you listeners. And, that somehow led us to decide to hold our mics in our hands like Top of the Pops presenters, rather than in holders on the table….. the following 70 minutes is the result of that bad decision…
Anyway, I promise it’s still worth a listen, as we raise our glasses to Bristol’s MBE foster parents, welcome back the Ashton Court Festival, curse the name of the Iron Lady, hold our hands up to getting Buckle wrong, and end up rolling out the dodgy Jimmy Saville impressions.
Also, the music is crystal clear and top quality sound – we celebrate local lads Joker (easton) and Julio Bashmore (The Republic of Knowle West)!
Feedback always appreciated (by Dick, ignored by Durston).


From Bristol With Love#13

On the show we have everyone’s favorite Gas Talk, Round up of the year, the egyptian revolution,

Bristol riots, riots, riots, the royal (yawn) wedding, 3 dead idiots, Christmas Dubstep, national riots,

Wags and Woofs, TV&FILM Review of the year, What’s on New Years Eve,

a DJ Set from the world famous Amentality and much, much more.

You can listen on the link below. Happy XMas and New Year from D&D@FBWL.


From Bristol With Love #12

Music from Chase and Status, Joker, Aspects, and a ‘hats off’ to Massive Attack. Chat about N30 strikes, Santa gets pepper sprayed, Clarkson’s Krusty-graft, The Cardiff 3, The Christmas Brothers, Durston’s Brothers, Brothers in general, send in your pictures of bristol christmas houses , Gaaaaas Talk, as ‘Competitiongate’ rumbles on in the background…….

Listen here:


From Bristol With Love #11

Music from locals Aspects and Pinch, Durston goes au naturelle (but keeps his socks on), Dick stays hirsute and huffy, chat about the Bristol house price scam, Occupy Bristol (Big Hugs to Occupy Park!), Occupy Cardiff, Occupy LSX and #OWS, cops get pissed and go mental AGAIN, Gas and England footie chat, Whats On? and the strange case of the Lib Dem councillor who is secretly a Superhero Defender of Gaia!
You can listen on the link below.


From Bristol With Love 10


On this weeks show Community Defence, Growing Skunk, Old School Bristolian, Durston get’s his balls out, Estuary English, Local Riot Statistics, Gold star for Bristols over 25′s, Occupy Bristol, T Shirt Competition,  Conspiracy Theories, Yanky Cops are Proper Crazy, Woofs and Wags, TV Review and Gas Talk.

You can listen on the link below.


From Occupy Bristol with Love

Interviews from the Saturday afternoon of occupybristol protest – sorry its all blokes talking but all the women we asked to do it said no (story of durston’s life)

Listen here:


From Bristol With Love 9

On this weeks show Super Coffee and a Tea with sugar, Should Bristol get bigger? Unemployment levels are up, Liam Fox, Is Dr Dre are real Doctor? Lefties & Righties, Gas Talk, Back the Buckle, X Factor, Steps Reunion, Barks and Tail Wags, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Bristol, Yanky Cops are Crazy.

Listen on the link below.


From Bristol With love 8

Show 8 from the FBWL lads contains Gas Talk, Dick’s adventures as a foreigner, vandalising the vandals, Durston’s on a comedown, Dick’s a let-down, Julie Burchill gave a rat a heart attack, and much more, including music from Tall Rich, Gaz Brookfield, The Instigator, Jesse Ray Wolf,

Listen here on Mixcloud:


From Bristol With Love 7

This weeks show!

Interview with Noel West  from south Bristol (City fan, rioter and all round top boy), gorillas going missing in Bristol, Local LibDem declaring war on supermarkets (supermarché for our French listeners), Gas Talk (Catalan Rovers fans) , What’s On, Music from some of Bristol top artists anda FBWL Exclusive Local Copper is Reg off the Bill!

All this and more

Listen now on links below


From Bristol With Love 6

A celebration of  recent events and some history of local riots*,  Bristol Rovers (Dreaming about zebroski, buckle and harrold),

Anti Police? Camping and Boomtown Review, Wall of Shame, Council sponsored Graffiti, Edward Colston (Vain, Arrogant, Man?), Defendant Solidarity.

Brought to you by Monster Munch and Proper Coffee.

Listen on the links below


From Bristol With Love #5

FBWL 5 – Hot off the Press!

Tottenham, the curse of community leaders, pre-predicting the Met’s ‘magic bullet’ story by 6hrs, and why no one is mentioning Stokes Croft.

Plus the country pub guide to the debt crisis, Rovers welcome present to AFC Wimbledon, and music from Uri Green, Billy Bragg, Amentality and much more!

Listen on the link below


From Bristol With Love 4

Here she is!

With chat about News International (yawn), the Cardiff 3, Rovers talk, M Shed review, and Timmy Mallet’s union-jack-jumper-wearing burnt gorilla. And much, much more!

Music from se fire, RE (Da Label MTG), Kilnaboy, Lee Perry and The Rejected. And not, much, more!


From Bristol With Love 3rd Episode

Here is the 3rd Episode of From Bristol With Love, presented by Dick Gherkin and DurstonFletcher.

The week we cover St.Pauls Carnival & festivals past, the J30 Strike, Bristol Rovers, The NHS and the first Bristolian to conquer Everest (but NOT the first Westcountryian)

Click on one of the links below to listen. Enjoy.


From Bristol With Love 2nd Episode

Here is the 2nd Episode of From Bristol With Love, presented by Dick Gherkin and DurstonFletcher.

The week we cover Drugs, The NHS, UWE Stadium, What’s On and all the bumblings inbetween.

Click on one of the links below to listen. Enjoy.


From Bristol With Love 1st Episode

Here is the 1st Episode of From Bristol With Love, presented by Dick Gherkin and DurstonFletcher. We cover Stokes Croft Riots, Local Football/Fifa, Care Homes and the general Bumbling going on.

Click on one of the links below to listen. Enjoy.


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