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Safe Standing Up The Gas Petition

We at From Bristol With Love fully support this petition > Safe Standing Up The Gas Petition

Bristol Rovers has always been a special club, and wherever it has been – Eastville, Twerton, or The Mem – the home terrace has always created a special atmosphere.

The Bristol Rovers FC Board of Directors have shown themselves to be a forward thinking team; and we thank them for the excellent work they have done to secure the new UWE stadium.

Now we, the undersigned, the Bristol Rovers fans, ask the board to be forward thinking in the design of our new stadium. We ask that they accept that ‘safe standing’ is an idea who’s time has come; and for them to ensure that 15% of the ground (10% home, 5% away) is adaptable to sit or stand by way of the provision of ‘rail seats’, or some other suitable standing solution.

We, the faithful and true Bristol Rovers supporters, ask the board to respect the wishes of those of the Old Tote End, Popular End, Bass and Blackthorn. Provide us with a safe, future-proof, and forward thinking solution to the desire for loyal fans to stand and support the Gas. A solution that ensures our special atmosphere continues in our new home. 

Continue the excellent work you have begun, and let us, Stand Up for the Gas.

If you agree click here to sign


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Goodnight Irene

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November 21, 2012 · 12:20 pm

A message to the Blackthorn End

“Lets be avin you!” The From Bristol with Love lads on booing your team after the first half of the first game of the season..

Extract from FBWL Show 25         http://www.mixcloud.com/fbwl/from-bristol-with-love-25/


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