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From Bristol With Love 20

Join us for Bristol Mayor mayhem (who will be the People’s Candidate?),

a cracking interview with local BRHG historian Wes Ham who separates fact from fantasy about the August Riots,

the ‘1 man pitch invasion’ on Gas Talk, and much, much, more!

Music from Erykah Badu, Julio Bashmore, and RSD feat Wilks

Want your track to be played on FBWL? Email us at localbandslocalmusic@gmail.com

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From Bristol With Love 19

On this weeks show we have a special guest Dean Forest. He’s from the Forest of Dean and fill us in on everything from ”Who killed the bears” to The Wilderness Centre, Hands Off Our Forest and much, much more.

We cover wannabe Bristol Mayor candidates George Ferguson and Stephen Williams (Yawn).
And shouldbe Bristol Mayor Ian Holloway. Paul Massey is going for Mayor in Salford.

First Bus and the delusions they have about their service.

Gas Talk (Bristol Rovers weekly round up)

The Competition Commission (not a 90s rap group)

And all our usual banter.


We start with Spiritualized by Finley Quaye dedicated to the happy family.

Then local music from Mayans, Djibouti and Mark Steward.

If your in a local band please send your tracks to localbandslocalmusic@gmail.com




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From Bristol With Love 9

On this weeks show Super Coffee and a Tea with sugar, Should Bristol get bigger? Unemployment levels are up, Liam Fox, Is Dr Dre are real Doctor? Lefties & Righties, Gas Talk, Back the Buckle, X Factor, Steps Reunion, Barks and Tail Wags, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Bristol, Yanky Cops are Crazy.

Listen on the link below.


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From Bristol With love 8

Show 8 from the FBWL lads contains Gas Talk, Dick’s adventures as a foreigner, vandalising the vandals, Durston’s on a comedown, Dick’s a let-down, Julie Burchill gave a rat a heart attack, and much more, including music from Tall Rich, Gaz Brookfield, The Instigator, Jesse Ray Wolf,

Listen here on Mixcloud:


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From Bristol With Love 3rd Episode

Here is the 3rd Episode of From Bristol With Love, presented by Dick Gherkin and DurstonFletcher.

The week we cover St.Pauls Carnival & festivals past, the J30 Strike, Bristol Rovers, The NHS and the first Bristolian to conquer Everest (but NOT the first Westcountryian)

Click on one of the links below to listen. Enjoy.




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