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To Julie Burchill, From Bristol, With Love

A couple of znippetz from earlier FBWL shows from last year (2011), concerning Julie Burchill’s reaction to the Stokes Croft riots, and then in a later show, we relate the shocking story (that we heard) about Julie Burchill giving some rat a heart attack.

Who would have thought a casual cuss to some ‘country bumpkin’ 30 years ago would start such a dramatic chain of events?

Youtube vid here


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From Bristol With love 8

Show 8 from the FBWL lads contains Gas Talk, Dick’s adventures as a foreigner, vandalising the vandals, Durston’s on a comedown, Dick’s a let-down, Julie Burchill gave a rat a heart attack, and much more, including music from Tall Rich, Gaz Brookfield, The Instigator, Jesse Ray Wolf,

Listen here on Mixcloud:


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