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From Bristol With Love guide to the European Elections 2014

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Liberal Democrats Fail

Was doing the recycling the other day and came across this Liberal Democrats free sheet. They put it out in the run up to the mayoral election. Now not only do you get the lovely photo of ”Doctor” Jon Rogers gummy smile. You also get this amazing headline.

I love the delusional arrogance of it. Especially when they end up coming 4th behind the Tory’s with 6.96% of the vote.

”Doctor” Jon you will never stop giving me lols.


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Who are the Bristol Mayor Candidates?

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From Bristol With Love 20

Join us for Bristol Mayor mayhem (who will be the People’s Candidate?),

a cracking interview with local BRHG historian Wes Ham who separates fact from fantasy about the August Riots,

the ‘1 man pitch invasion’ on Gas Talk, and much, much, more!

Music from Erykah Badu, Julio Bashmore, and RSD feat Wilks

Want your track to be played on FBWL? Email us at localbandslocalmusic@gmail.com

Click Here to Listen


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Were the Liberal Democrats responsible for the Stoke Croft Riot?

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From Bristol With Love 7

This weeks show!

Interview with Noel West  from south Bristol (City fan, rioter and all round top boy), gorillas going missing in Bristol, Local LibDem declaring war on supermarkets (supermarché for our French listeners), Gas Talk (Catalan Rovers fans) , What’s On, Music from some of Bristol top artists anda FBWL Exclusive Local Copper is Reg off the Bill!

All this and more

Listen now on links below



Podcast Here



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