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From Bristol With Love 10


On this weeks show Community Defence, Growing Skunk, Old School Bristolian, Durston get’s his balls out, Estuary English, Local Riot Statistics, Gold star for Bristols over 25’s, Occupy Bristol, T Shirt Competition,  Conspiracy Theories, Yanky Cops are Proper Crazy, Woofs and Wags, TV Review and Gas Talk.

You can listen on the link below.


Details for the T Shirt comp can be found here on our website.

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From Occupy Bristol with Love

Interviews from the Saturday afternoon of occupybristol protest – sorry its all blokes talking but all the women we asked to do it said no (story of durston’s life)

Listen here:


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From Bristol With Love 9

On this weeks show Super Coffee and a Tea with sugar, Should Bristol get bigger? Unemployment levels are up, Liam Fox, Is Dr Dre are real Doctor? Lefties & Righties, Gas Talk, Back the Buckle, X Factor, Steps Reunion, Barks and Tail Wags, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Bristol, Yanky Cops are Crazy.

Listen on the link below.


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