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Durston Fletcher Music Selector #3

DFMSPICWell here we are. As some of you longer listeners may know I knocked out a couple of solo shows where I just played some of my favorite tracks (with a few samples from the show).


Which you can hear here

Durston Fletcher Music Selector #1

Durston Fletcher Music Selector #2 (Bristol Riot Mix)


I thought I’d continue it on our site by posting up some of my favorite tracks old and new.Some of them will be themed like ”Tacks to come down to” and ”Tracks to break up to” but to start with I thought I’d post what I’ve been listening to recently.

So first up we have TNGHT – Higher Ground. I’ve been poping and locking to this tune for ages. Not the easiest song to sing when it’s stuck in your head. Great track


Next up Chaka Demus & Pliers – Bam Bam. Heard it sampled in a tune a while back and it’s been boncing round  my head since.


I had this track on record when it first came out. Cracking remix on the bside. The album was banging too. What ever happend to the Audio Bullys? Heres Audio Bullys – The Things.



Jeans Team – Keine Melodien



And to finish up it’s the boss. I’ll put playlists up as they come to me, so don’t despair they’ll be a new one up soon. And remember nobody wins till everybody wins. đŸ˜‰

Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run


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