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From Bristol With Love #31


You can listen to From Bristol With Love 31 – Here

On this weeks show we have

*Dick and Durstons Holiday Round Up
*Local footballer scores an amazing hat trick
*Womens Football
*MAYOR WATCH (George Ferguson’s budget and the Bristol Anti Cuts Alliance stats)
*The Evening Post Guide of Best Place’s to Live
*Gas Talk (UWE Stadium, Recent fixtures and the Blackthorn End)
*And all your usual local news and gossip

An all star Bristol line up with music from

My Bad Sister,




If hear more from Jack Hill you can download his track here.

You can listen to From Bristol With Love 31 – Here


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From Bristol With Love Seven Point Five

POW! Here it is 7.5. So the first thing you’ll notice is ‘this isn’t the usual radio show’. Very observant. You’re right, Dicks gone on holiday for 2 weeks to………You know what I can’t remember where he’s to. Somewhere like Spain or Italy or Camping or summit like that. Fucking hell I should know where he’s gone. Anyways cause he’s gone away (and has all the technical knowledge) I thought I’d write a post. Well come on, I’d sound like a prick on the radio on my tod.
I thought I chuck a few tunes in as well so to start with here’s Laid Blak with Bristol Love.

So to start with I just wanna show my outrage! I was reading a local rag the other day and they were questioning people on the street. ‘Pray tell’ you say what was the question? They were asking people if they thought people in Bristol were friendly. Two of the people they asked said Bristolians were ‘friendly’, ‘helpful’ and ‘very nice’. But one of them, the cheeky blood mare. Came out with ”I think they are much friendlier than other places. I think because Bristol is a university town.” Oh yeah that’s right my luv. Before we had students down here we were just walking around lamping each other, spitting in peoples face’s and kicking cats. Have a fucking word.
I don’t have a problem with students. I just don’t like idiots.
Well there we go then, the first rants out the way. I hope this doesn’t all go tits up without Dick here. He’s sort of like the voice of reason. As you know if you listened to the last show (http://frombristolwithlove.org/2011/09/03/from-bristol-with-love-7/) gorillas have been going missing in Bristol. These were statues of gorillas that had been put out around the city to celebrate Bristol Zoo being around for…….ah 100 years? Is that right? Must be longer than that. Hang on I’ll google it…….Right, 175 years of zoo action. Anyway they’ve collected all the gorillas up now. They’ll be sold on and the money will go to some charity. Or so we thought. This photo was sent into us by one of our listeners. Unfortunately the camera cut off the important bit. It seems a man with a loud t shirt, pink mallet and what look like a fake moustache was driving this flat bed. Now it’s only a theory but it looks like the predictions made in the last show may have come true. It’s a sad day for Bristol.
Talking about Bristol (it not just a radio trick) local boys The Mother Beef are playing a gig on the 7th of October at The Motorcycle Showroom (next door to what use to be ClubUK) down Stokes Croft. We got a lot of love for them on the show. If you’ve not seen them before get don there.

That was The Mother Beef with Don’t Log On. So I think it’s time for a bit of GAS TALK! Not sure if it counts as talk when it’s me on me tod.
So since the last show there’s bin a few games. We had a 1 – 0 win against Shrewsbury Town with a lovely goal from Zebroski. Now I’m sure I said before about the Gas but I am emotionally flippant with them. What I mean is after we win a game my head starts thinking ”We’re going up!” I know, I know. I just get caught up with it all. Any way the next game was Aldershot now it ended 1 – 0 to them but fucking hell what a game. Zebroski early shot was banging. We had some great chances like Richards getting in the box and Harrold’s run. And I know what you’re gonna say. ”Yeah they had these chance’s but they didn’t finish the.” Yeah well my answer to that is Fuck You. The reff is on the take. I’m mean come on there’s gotta be something going on. Was the reff Ross Worners Dad? I know it’s a childish defence but I’m sticking to it.
Fucking hell! I wrote this first bit on Saturday morning. What a turn around. Rovers played Morecambe (top of the league) Saturday afternoon. The final score was Morecambe 2 – 3 Bristol Rovers. Have that! Joe Anyinsah scored the last goal for Rovers. You know what I was having my doubts about Anyinsah, but he proper made my weekend. I was buzzin after the games. Top work boys. Let’s try and keep that momentum.
Speaking about buzzing. I was down the pub the other day and my mate Ben said he’d never heard any good Dubstep. Well Ben this one’s for you. This is Stapleton Road V.I.P by Mensah enjoy.

What’s on? Loads of stuff see. So Wednesday 28th you’ve got Oxjam down The Prom with everyones favourite Clayton Blizzard. He’s every where at the moment. Also playing is Emily Teague (Bristolian. Lovely), a mate of mine sent me one of her tracks the other day. You’ll like it and the money goes to charity. Ah that’s nice. Friday 30th there’s a proper dirty night at Lakota. The Nextmen, Demolition Man, Blak Twang and a shit load more. That’s £12 before £14 on the door. It costs a bit but it will be a banger. If thats not really your sort of thing (Ben) The Angelic Upstarts are playing down The Fleece the same night. £10 on the door but well worth it.
And to finish it all off how about Reggae Sunday at Cosies. £2 on the door. You’ll have Island Fever, Beavis, Dub Renaissance, Skylion and Flora. Nice one.
Well that’s it for this (sort of) show. Dick should be back next week, so everything will be back to normal. Speak to you soon (well I’ll speak you’ll listen).

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