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Top 3 Bristol NYE Nights

nyeasboOn our last show (From Bristol With Love #30) we gave our top 3 night for New Years Eve

in Bristol. Well we put we’d put a bit more info up on the site for you.

So firstly we did suggest In:Motion NYE but unsurprisingly this has now sold out. But dont worry, we’re got

another special looking night for you.  The ASBO Disco NYE night down Trinity looks like a good night.

It’s the top end of the budget at £25 a ticket but it’s got a cracking line up and Trinity is a great venue.

Playing NYE –  The Skints, Benny Page & MC Carasel, Solo Banton, ASBO Disco and a load more.

ASBO Disco Facebook event

nyefrog  Right to start with if you’ve never been to a Tribe of Frog night your in for a treat.

Its a proper made night out. With loads going on.

New Years Eve Firework Display, Multi Laser & Light Shows,  3 Unique Ultra-Immersive

Ultra-Violet Environments lovingly created by TRiBE of FRoG,  Bonus 4th Room,

Chrismas Disco in the front bar, Large Garden, Fire Pit,  Imps Dancers, UV Body Painting •

Free Fruit, Cds & More. What more could you need? It’s at the Black Swan in Easton which

is probably my favorite venue in Bristol.  It’s a really cheap night for NYE at £15 a ticket you can go wrong.

Tribe of Frog Facebook event


And finally we’ve saved the best for last. This is one for all you punk rocker ska heads out there. It’s a free, thats

right FREE! night on at the Red Lion in Whitehall. Again another good line up Idiot Strength, Rita Lynch,

Subversive Fire, PO-LICE, 51st State and more. They’ll also have DJs playing and it looks like a good old nees

up. It’ll be a good place to start the night if your heading to town. My local charges a tenner to get in on NYE, so

for free with DJs and Bands cant be wrong.

Red Lion Gig Favebook event

So there you have it. And I know your probably thinking ”New Years is ages away. I’ve got time till then”.  Just

remember you don’t wanna be the bellend sat on their tod at the end of the night.

So goodnight and good luck.

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From Bristol With Love#13

On the show we have everyone’s favorite Gas Talk, Round up of the year, the egyptian revolution,

Bristol riots, riots, riots, the royal (yawn) wedding, 3 dead idiots, Christmas Dubstep, national riots,

Wags and Woofs, TV&FILM Review of the year, What’s on New Years Eve,

a DJ Set from the world famous Amentality and much, much more.


You can listen on the link below. Happy XMas and New Year from D&D@FBWL.



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From Bristol With Love 7

This weeks show!

Interview with Noel West  from south Bristol (City fan, rioter and all round top boy), gorillas going missing in Bristol, Local LibDem declaring war on supermarkets (supermarché for our French listeners), Gas Talk (Catalan Rovers fans) , What’s On, Music from some of Bristol top artists anda FBWL Exclusive Local Copper is Reg off the Bill!

All this and more

Listen now on links below



Podcast Here



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