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FBWL 45 – Rovers City Derby Special!

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On this weeks show –

What we’ve been up to – Durston’ report back from the 2013 Tournament put on by Wessex Allstars.
– And Dick’s……well he went to the museum.

The Bristol Derby – Our view on what happened and The Platinum Club reports back.

Anarchist claim resposibilty for burning down a Police Gun Centre in Portishead.

Gus Hoyt’s Ward and George Ferguson’s stomping get train station bid. Lockleaze loses bid. We ask why?

Local slum landlords.

Blacklisting and Bristol City Council.

Gas Talk (Bristol Rovers Round Up) – The Match.

Music from Mensah ft. Katy Shotter, Sam Green & the Midnight Heist, The Animal of Anham All Asylum.

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From Bristol With Love – No. 44

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Dick goes to Burnham, Durston goes “brown-stargazing”!

Gus Hoyt (champion of The True Community of St Pauls) vs Passion FM and the Star & Garter: We know which side of his “divide and rule” tactic FBWL is on!

“I’m not a knicker-sniffer I’m the kncker-sniffer’s son, I’m only sniffing knickers till ….. my Russian wife comes back from Rekjavik”

Cops take ‘restorative justice’ on a 13yr boy with learning difficulties, as ‘Big Gregory’ applauds from the Bristol Post comments.

And for the final section – Gas Talk returns! Report on the Scunthorpe game (a sighting of a Terrace Rat on the Blackthorn) and we look forward to the return of ‘orrible whistle’ Chris Zebroski and the mayhem of Newport away on Saturday.

And where else would we end but with Rickie Lambert’s England Goal? Kiss our blue and white quartered faces! Plus Dick engages in some anarcho-friendly power-neutral Scotch-baiting, which appalls Durston so much he slits his own throat with a Puma zip!

Music from Phaeleh (feat Jess Mills), The Drawing of the 3, and The Cadbury Sisters

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From Bristol With Love #34


POW! Click here to listen to From Bristol With Love #34

The Run DMC of East Bristol are back!

On this weeks show

-Durston’s trip to Bedminster

The Bristolian (Dicks not in it)

-George ‘never mind the quantity, feel the quality’ Ferguson and Gus Hoyt looking busy

-We relax into a soothing end to Bristol Rovers’s season

-And all your usual local news and gossip.

-Local music from QELD, Se Fire and Koan Sound

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