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From Bristol With Love #41

To listen click here – From Bristol With Love 41

On this weeks show-

* Dick talks about Bristol city centre’s Car-Free Sunday
* St Paul’s Festival prep work
* Local woman & penis vs man
* Louis Theroux impersonator in Somerset
* MAYOR WATCH (Your run down of George Fergusons latest cock ups)
* Giant White Jesus in the ass end of Bristol
* Festival Reviews and insider critique
* As well as all your local news and gossip

Music from Bristol stars – Redlight, The Qeld and Dub Mafia & Buggsy

To listen click here – From Bristol With Love 41

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The Facts About The August Riots

Interview with Wesley Ham from Bristol Radical History Group about the August Riots. Wez give us the facts and stats about the riots.
From the 3 types of riot (commodity, community and anti rich) to the traffic warden theory.




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Were the Liberal Democrats responsible for the Stoke Croft Riot?

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From Bristol With Love#13

On the show we have everyone’s favorite Gas Talk, Round up of the year, the egyptian revolution,

Bristol riots, riots, riots, the royal (yawn) wedding, 3 dead idiots, Christmas Dubstep, national riots,

Wags and Woofs, TV&FILM Review of the year, What’s on New Years Eve,

a DJ Set from the world famous Amentality and much, much more.


You can listen on the link below. Happy XMas and New Year from D&D@FBWL.



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From Bristol With Love #5

FBWL 5 – Hot off the Press!

Tottenham, the curse of community leaders, pre-predicting the Met’s ‘magic bullet’ story by 6hrs, and why no one is mentioning Stokes Croft.

Plus the country pub guide to the debt crisis, Rovers welcome present to AFC Wimbledon, and music from Uri Green, Billy Bragg, Amentality and much more!

Listen on the link below


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From Bristol With Love 1st Episode

Here is the 1st Episode of From Bristol With Love, presented by Dick Gherkin and DurstonFletcher. We cover Stokes Croft Riots, Local Football/Fifa, Care Homes and the general Bumbling going on.

Click on one of the links below to listen. Enjoy.





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