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FBWL 40th Show

Click here to listen to From Bristol With Love 40

We’re 40, we’re feeling naughty, so apologies to Durston’s mum, there’s a lot of swearing!

KaPow! Special Guest for the Special Show in the shape of “Page 7 Fella” Noel West, who talks about Hartcliffe memories (and othe riots).

Dick’s not impressed with the sightseeing bus, Durston’s denied a late night party and ends up bothered by Badge Man, and the Great Debate: IS Cheddar Gorge the Eigth Wonder of World, and what the f**k are the other Seven??!

Also, welcome to the Team our new soundman Silent Bob!

With Special Anniversary Music from the FBWL “Platinum Club” – Qeld, Clayton Blizzard and Spanner!
Click here to listen to From Bristol With Love 40

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Riots, Riots and Football Hooliganism.

This is an interview we did with Noel in 2011 just after the August Riots. He talks about his involvement in the Hartcliffe Riots and the 1981 Riots, his view on the August Riots and how the press represented the lot of them. He also talks about his years following Bristol City and football hooliganism.

The interview was taken from From Bristol With Love 7 back before we had mixcloud. It’s probably my favorite shows (apart from the proper long tune at the start. Noels request). You can listen back to all of our shows on our Mixcloud Page .

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From Bristol With Love #14

To listen to Show 14 click on the following link





Well, we had Noel West back in, so we knew it would be a cracking show, we wanted to make it as happy as possible to shake off the Mid-January blues for you listeners. And, that somehow led us to decide to hold our mics in our hands like Top of the Pops presenters, rather than in holders on the table….. the following 70 minutes is the result of that bad decision…
Anyway, I promise it’s still worth a listen, as we raise our glasses to Bristol’s MBE foster parents, welcome back the Ashton Court Festival, curse the name of the Iron Lady, hold our hands up to getting Buckle wrong, and end up rolling out the dodgy Jimmy Saville impressions.
Also, the music is crystal clear and top quality sound – we celebrate local lads Joker (easton) and Julio Bashmore (The Republic of Knowle West)!
Feedback always appreciated (by Dick, ignored by Durston).

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From Bristol With Love 7

This weeks show!

Interview with Noel West  from south Bristol (City fan, rioter and all round top boy), gorillas going missing in Bristol, Local LibDem declaring war on supermarkets (supermarché for our French listeners), Gas Talk (Catalan Rovers fans) , What’s On, Music from some of Bristol top artists anda FBWL Exclusive Local Copper is Reg off the Bill!

All this and more

Listen now on links below



Podcast Here



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