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From Bristol with Love 38

To listen click here (From Bristol with Love 38)

On this weeks show –

 *Weston Super Mare Ghostbusters – Volunteers wanted – and loads more things that go POW in the night!

*Bristol Local Elections – Byebye Dr Daycare, Hello the Feral Beast of Snuff Mills!

*A guide to London Gangs

*Dick Gherkin exposes UKIP Shallow Thinking! #fact!

*Durston talks Ketamine – Fibrosis-of-the-bladdertastic!

*We got T-shirts! Geddem!

And local music from Dr Meaker, Ian Beef and Gonga!

To listen click here (From Bristol with Love 38)

And for more info on Ketamine see Bristol Drugs Project Or MMAGIK




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‘Dangerous’ laser sword!

This is one of the ‘Dangerous’ laser swords we talked about in the last show (http://www.mixcloud.com/fbwl/from-bristol-with-love-28/).

People were selling them down Weston-super-Mare carnival the other week, till trading standards rocked up and  confiscated the lot.

A North Somerset Council spokesman said the swords “look like harmless fun” always a good start

”but can actually cause serious and permanent damage to the eye”.

I want one of these swords. Don worry, I’m not some sort of plane spotter. I just like the idea of having a real lightsaber. I’ve had a look online but my search has been fruitless. So if you know if anywhere is still selling them let us know.

frombristolwithlove@riseup.net        facebook.com/frombristolwithlove

And don’t worry, it’ll be in safe hands.

“Adventure, excitement, a Jedi craves not these things”

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From Bristol with Love Show 21

Click Here to Listen

Show 21 for you to enjoy, from your Quasi-Official Comedy Partner to the Bristol Mayor elections!

Featuring Durston’s non-scrage, McCarthyite train-rage, all the latest Bristol Mayor shenannegins, Westmoreland House and Weston Pier, Gas Talk debates Lewis Carey’s (fake?) derby, and why the dog ate the bonehead EDL’s homework!

Featuring music from Bob Marley

and local music from  Koan Sound, Baby Dub, plus Dodge & Fuski!

All that fitted in 55 mins! How?! Sodom-knows!

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